[personal profile] galaxy_girlThey're discussing moving the UK to european time.
[personal profile] spudtater*Splutter* Ridiculous! They should be moving to our time!


But seriously, the Prime Meridian is defined by the fact that the sun will be at its apex at 12:00. Sunrise and sunset, consequently, will be equal times before and after 12:00 at Greenwich. There's, like, maths and stuff. That goes out the window if we decide that we're going to start shifting the time forwards just to get people out of bed earlier (even if it is for their own good).

And I intentionally say start shifting the time forwards. Because what happens after we shift? One company and then the other will start thinking: "Hmm... our employees are very tired in the mornings and it's hitting productivity. Perhaps we should start at 9:00 rather than 8:30." (Or 9:30 instead of 9:00, or whatever). Eventually everybody will have shifted their effective working day an hour ahead, at which point some journalist or politician will say: "Hey, guys, I've just had an idea..."

So, yes, looking at the map, it appears that not only should we stay at GMT, but Spain for one should join us there. Arguments could be made for France, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg too.

Well, I can dream of date lines based on rational principles, can't I?   8^P
(I mean, Kiribati, Tonga: UTC+13? UTC+14? You're doing it wrong!)



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