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( Apr. 24th, 2010 10:14 pm)
Gorgie Farm had too many pigs (of tasty rare(r) breed variety). After comparatively long life, spare pigs were converted to spare pork. Pork was bought in large quantities by self. There is currently one fifth of a pig sitting in our freezer. Minus two chops, which were today's absolutely fantastic dinner. Tender, full-flavoured, amazing pork.

Well reared, well butchered meat tastes so much better than supermarket stuff it's just not funny.

Must adjust purchasing habits accordingly.

(However, kidney was not so good. Fried it as a treat for kitteh, leaving the kitchen smelling of wee — after which kitteh turned her nose up at it anyway. Cats aint stupid.)

Edit: Gloucester Old Spot, IIRC


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