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( May. 7th, 2010 08:43 am)
Shite, shite, shite.

So, when it came to the day, it looks like the majority of people forgot their promises to vote Lib Dem, and simply reverted to the old-fashioned "lesser of two evils" tactics. The Lib Dems recorded an insubstantial increase on their vote from last election (~1%). Unfortunately, they've lost seats overall, and it's seats that matter, not vote share.

So it's looking like Nick Clegg hasn't got any weight to speak of to push around at parliament, and with the largest party out-and-out opposed to vote reform, it looks like we're stuck in the same two-party boat for a very long time to come.


Congratulations to the Greens, at least. I might not agree with all their views, but they deserve at least one voice in parliament. Well done too to Alliance, for winning their first Westminster seat, Belfast East. I'm not particularly au fait with the NI political situation, but they seem like an okay bunch. And well done to the Pirates, for getting enough votes to look like they're here to stay. (0.6% isn't too bad, given that they're an entirely new party).
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