Am a little fuzzy in the mental department right now. Hoose on friday, Gigantor on saturday, Doghouse (briefly) on sunday. Slept all through today.

It's getting a little warm these days for clubbing. Gigantor was okay, since it wasn't too busy. Still overdid it a touch, though, which meant I was collapsed in a heap (well, okay, not literally) by the end of it. Doghouse was unbearably hot, due to poor air circulation in Subway and general mass of bodies. (Long weekend brought out the crowds, apparently. Hardly anybody I knew, though.)

I am currently making myself garlic bread & cheese, which could be a bad idea, stomach-wise, but I think I'll risk it.
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( May. 29th, 2005 03:34 pm)
Me & [ profile] galaxy_girl00 are going to be attempting Doghouse (?) today. If it's crap we'll probably pop along to Opium instead. We'll be at the Hoose from about 9:30ish. If anybody wants to join us, just come along.
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( Jan. 16th, 2005 04:11 pm)

The sky is absolutely lovely right now. I'm sitting in Appleton level 5 labs[0], and the sun's lighting up the underside of all the clouds a firey orange as it sets. An artist's palette of blue, orange and gray in the sky. It makes me happy.

Synod proceedings )

Synod ended at around half-twelve. I briefly considered proceeding to Mission, but decided I lacked the caffiene to get there while still awake. I may instead go to Neon today. I shall remember my earplugs this time. It is on today, correct? Anyone else going?

Karate was fun today; a smaller class than usual, which meant we got through stuff faster. Continuing on from Friday, more simple combination attacks/defences were studied. I particularly like "punch, reverse punch, roundhouse kick" as an attack. Must however practice my triple-punch combo, as I always seem to start with either the wrong hand or the wrong foot.

Oh, and [ profile] deralte; further to our conversation about straightening the back leg: I asked the teacher about this (over a pint), and he replied that a straight back leg was indeed sub-optimal in the long run. He teaches the beginners the straight-back-leg posture in order to learn 'correct form', but this form should become less strict and more dynamic as the student progresses to higher belts. Oh, and one of the sequences we studied today did in fact include a kick to the uke's[2] front leg.

Lastly: I keep forgetting to spam on behalf of Zoga. 'Tis a middle-eastern sandwich & wrap café on S. Clerk street, opposite Lidl. £2 for a feta and salad wrap which is both large and very very tasty! Friendly people too. Next time you need a sammitch, try them.

[0] Thor's a skirt-wearing pansy who couldn't hit an elephant from five yards!

[1] Which drink, that is, not which [ profile] batswing. There is only one true [ profile] batswing, and she is small and purple.

[2] Customary immature *giggle*.

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( Nov. 24th, 2004 03:18 pm)
The Anime and Animation Society are holding a DDR event from 5-8 on thursday in the Baird room of the Pleasance. They've got proper hard pads (i.e. just like in the arcades), and they've told me it's free, even for non-members, so if you ever felt tempted to try this out, now's your chance!

Also, you can see me show off. And/or look silly. Yay!   8^)

I highly recommend. But you knew that.
[ profile] martling has convinced me to buy a ticket for the "High Flyers Ceilidh" tomorrow (Wed) at 8pm in the Teviot Debating Hall. It's a joint effort by the Gliders, Balloonists and Skydivers, so everybody there should be gloriously insane. It's £5 for a ticket, £6 on the door, which is a little steep, but I'm told it includes entry into a raffle.

Anyway, it's probably a little sooner than expected after your last ceilidh, [ profile] deralte, but I'd be more than happy to accompany you should you wish to come. Hmmm... and [ profile] stormsearch, how's your wrist doing? Dunno if it's in a state that you should do much ceilidhing, but same applies to you if you think it's alright, since I know you enjoy a good ceilidh.

Anyone else on my friends list a ceilidh fan?
I need boots. Where can I get boots that don't suck?
(I.e. ones that will last years rather than months?)

Well, I've been in Nethy Bridge all weekend with the New Scotland Country Dance Society. An... interesting experience.   8^)

A summary of the weekend, bullet-pointed for your sanity )

Anyway, I'm glad I went, though I'm equally happy to see a nice comfy bed in a room that I don't have to share with five other people. Missed the usual bunch of goths & freaks (you know who you are) on Saturday night. Oh, and my sympathies to [ profile] nickys, who I hear was suffering from aggravated injustices while I was faffing around in the highlands without a care. I hate being out of touch.   8^(

See you all soon!

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( Oct. 3rd, 2004 01:05 am)
Hmmm... Ascension was alright, but was getting very busy. Left early. Failed to see [ profile] luckylove there.   8^P
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( Sep. 27th, 2004 02:26 am)
  • Stupidly thought karate was at 2:00, but it was at 1:00. D'oh!
  • Weather was lovely this evening. The wind was carrying the clouds past at great speed, and the moon was lighting them up in iridescent colours as they passed. I had to sit and watch them for a while, despite the cold.   8^]
  • Neon was really fun. I was dancing without any inhibition, just letting my stresses out to music. Perhaps it was the fact that yesterday I was karate-dancing in my dressing gown; suddenly nothing seems too silly any more...   8^)
    Notable music played included Pounding Techno Music, Atomic (yay!) and the original Gloria Jones Tainted Love.
    Unfortunately, the combination of an enthusiastic DJ and the crap Subway sound system meant that it started getting altogether too screechy towards the end of the night. I had to leave before I got an earache or migraine. Next time, I'm bringing ear plugs. No, really.
  • Finally, I think I'll resurrect the interview meme. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY!
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( Sep. 26th, 2004 03:26 am)
Turned up at the Auld Hoose to find nobody I knew there. On a Saturday night?! Luckily, I had company before too long.

Anyway, my costume of laziness worked well. Nobody dared question the villiany of Chu Manfu, Mysterious Personage of The East. Although somebody asked me if I was supposed to be Hugh Hefner. Now, Hugh Hefner: there's a supervillian!

In contrast to my laziness, [ profile] figg had a carefully constructed costume involving making a suitable T-shirt, shaving the sides of his head and constructing a Fringe of Doom in order to pass as Dib from Invader Zim. Arguably not a superhero, but coolness makes up for lack of topicality.

[ profile] figg looks very different (and rather good) with a partially shaved head. I didn't recognise him at first. Also apologies for not recognising [ profile] anjylle immediately. Hairstyle changes really screw up my brain.

I spent most of the evening with Joan of Arc. She was remarkably pleasant for a raving loony Christian Frenchwoman. (Apologies to Christians, loonies and ravers.)   8^)
But seriously, I got to recompense [ profile] luckylove in alkyhol, which is good. Oooh... we were discussing things. What were we discussing? Oh yes, this. Warning: bananas. And badgers. Anyway, a very nice evening! Hope to meet up again soon.

Night all!

Update: Oh, also discussing 'Strict Machine' video. Don't know your email addy though.
Went along to the New Scotland Country Dance Society's beginners lesson last night. I was a little nervous at turning up to a dance lesson alone, but I think a lot of people were in the same boat.

As far as actual dancing was concerned, it was a bit disastrous! Most people had at least a general idea of how to dance, unlike the usual society ceilidhs. So I felt a bit bisinistrapedary (i.e. two left feet.)

However, the social side turned out to be a very good idea. I'm so used to being in social groups where the men outnumber the women, the idea of hanging around women who aren't being chatted up by at least one man at any given time is somewhat new! In fact, when the dance leaders called for couples, I could just cast my eyes around and take my pick from a selection of unaccompanied women. Some of them even asked me for a dance!

*Mind boggles at concept*

So, am looking forward to turning up at that every week!   8^)

In other societies news, tried to go to karate today. However, I could not find the bloody place! Where the hell is "St. Leonard's" if not on St. Leonard's Street?   8^S


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