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( Aug. 12th, 2010 08:36 pm)
Cassie went to the cattery today — she's staying for a week while I visit Spain. I got angry yowls all the way to Seafield, which made me feel like a Bad Hoomin. Just before I got there it started to drip down, then rain heavily, then pour buckets. I then spotted an actual fork of lightning, which isn't common in Edinburgh.

The rain was torrential by the time I got to the cattery, with no signs of letting up. I was forced to take Cassie from car to cattery through the downpour. I had no jacket, but there was an umbrella in the boot. Cassie got the umbrella, I got soaked.

Going back to the car for her food and blanket, there was an almighty flash and bang at the same time; I jumped out of my skin and got a case of temporary Tourette's. After retreating back into the cattery at doublequick speed, I was then informed that the lightning had just struck the dog kennels, only tens of metres from me.

Not pleasant.


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